Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Second Language

Based in London and Copenhagen, Second Language is a record label sans frontiers, dedicated to bringing you genuinely exclusive and collectible new music by a wonderful international roster of hand-chosen artists, all of it presented in lavish, hand assembled, recycled packaging, with plenty of cherishable ‘extras’.

Our releases have featured exclusive brand new material by (amongst others) :

Hauschka, David John Sheppard, Vashti Bunyan, Danny Norbury, Xela, Heather Woods Broderick, Enderby's Room, The Declining Winter, Ghostwriter, Darren Hayman, Gareth S Brown, Peter Broderick, Lene Charlotte Holm, ANT, brave timbers, Carousell, Seasons (pre-din), Winter Cabin, Fieldhead, Library Tapes, Leyland Kirby, Textile Ranch, Dollboy, Piano Magic, Tula, Pete Astor, Gareth Dickson, 30km Inland, Dirk Markham, Òlöf Arnalds, Tunng, Women & Children, Mark Fry & The A Lords, Anna Rose Carter, Robin Saville, Autumn Grieve, The Home Current, Junkboy, Our Broken Garden, Isnaj Dui.

All Second Language albums are released in very limited editions (sometimes even fewer than 100). For a modest annual subscription we will deliver you five, full-length releases direct to your door. These will include otherwise unavailable single artist albums, intriguingly themed compilations and strictly one-off studio collaborations (individual releases will be available to purchase as one-offs, but only while stocks last).

Once a Second Language record has sold out it’s really gone forever.

To be safe, subscribe today by clicking here

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